About US

This site is dedicated to spreading the word of a healthy & Secure VDC Lifestyle. A VDC lifestyle is the best way to lose weight and reclaim your health. VDC people are smarter, funnier, better looking, and more popular than their unfortunate counterparts. That’s just science


After working hard for more than 3 years, VDC challenge is now part of 5 Facebook Communities (Closed groups) with more than 900k people including beginners, Intermediate and experts,

A perfect healthy VDC community where you can share your problems and find solutions, Share ideas, recipes, experiences,

Get connected with like-minded people who are actually going through the same problems as yours. We're offering products which we have developed after years of long R&D with the help of experts to make sure that they truly help and produce results for our clients. We had put in a lot of work, testing and upgrading and we are still working, Our staff consists of highly professional & very experienced individuals who have done more than 5 years of research on Vegan Diet & helped a lot of people achieve their goals because we know how it feels when you are trying to figure things out on your own and you feel frustrated, depressed and alone, there is no sense of direction and it mostly leads to quitting,

We know that It happened to almost every one of us that's why we are here to make sure you are not alone and you produce the desired results .

Our vision is to help more than 200k people achieve their goals by the end of this year regardless of them being a beginner or expert. Everyone needs help and support and we are always available here for you. After helping a lot of clients, we have come to the conclusion that most of the people give up only because of no sense of direction, guidance, knowledge & resources.

This is why we have built this platform.We Believe in our products and in our community and WE BELIEVE IN YOU. We need your support to expand our community, our R&D so that we can keep bringing you the Best of everything.